Saturday, April 21, 2012

the Joyful Giraffe Inc. is officially open for business!

The past month or two I have been crazy busy working on Great Cloth Diaper Change details as well as getting the behind the scenes work done to be able to launch my new online store this weekend!

The Joyful Giraffe is an online shop featuring natural and reusable products for your family and home. Since beginning to use cloth diapers 3 years ago, I have found myself constantly trying to figure out how to reuse other items besides just diapers. While I can't say that I've sold my husband on the use of 'family cloth' yet (reusable toilet paper), we are much greener and more frugal than before cloth diapers.

While this store is starting with a limited inventory, I hope to see more and more reusable products (including more cloth diaper brands!)added in the coming weeks and months. So please check back often for new products! Is there something you'd love for us to carry? Let me know!!

Check it all out!!
Use the coupon code WELCOME12 at checkout to receive 10% off your entire order as well as a free gift :) This offer is only good for a limited time and is only valid on a customer's initial purchase.

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Thanks so much!

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